1000 Vases: The Emotional Power of Many

1000 Vases is an exhibition that aims to redefine space and the presentation of art objects. The scenography, created by the Italian architect Roberto Baciocchi, shows us how the value of a work can be enriched by its proximity to another piece. 1000 Vases was recently on show in Dubai Design District (d3).

The 1000 Vases exhibition redefines interior spaces and the very way an object is presented. Here the vase, a functional, everyday object, rises to the rank of fine-art design, thanks to the imagination of the artists. This medium is a perfect way to show the plurality of today’s artistic scene.

Through unique art direction and with the support of d3, 1000 Vases brings together a versatile collection of vases from around world and makes exclusive designs accessible to buyers, design enthusiasts and the public.

For this latest edition, the public was invited to disco­ver an exclusive collection of hand made designs by independent artists, made in a multitude of materials, reflecting the individuality, sensitivity and story of each designer. The proliferation of vases represents a concentration of artistic creativity.

The exhibition itself is a collection of emotions, and reflects humanity in all its diversity and richness.

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