Monthly Archives: December 2013

Hand Made Origami Lamp

Orikomi is a handmade origami lamp and by buying one you are also helping the Adobe for Women Association. They are produced in Portugal by the architectural office blaanc, co-founders of the association, which is currently helping Mexican women build their own houses with their own hands. Orikomo’s form is simple and elegant in its visual effect, yet complex to create. It is suitable to light a variety of spaces in the home....

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Mr&Mrs Mini by Roger Moukarzel

Two customized MINI Coopers signed by Roger Moukarzel were auctioned at the the Philippe Hatem Foundation for a Happy Childhood gala dinner: Mrs. MINI is white with distinctive touches of black while Mr. MINI is black with an eye-catching dash of white. Mrs. MINI sports a portrait of a woman on the driver seat and a man on the passenger seat with a stylized portrait of a woman  on the roof, and the opposite will be on the Mr. MINI, with a man on the roof. Roger Moukarzel is a renowned photographer who launched his career in photojournalism when he was only 15 and later shifted to fashion photography. Over the years he has won several international and local awards, participated in many solo and group exhibitions and released numerous books. He was recently featured in Paris March and CNN. The Philippe Hatem Foundation for...

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The Cutest Ways To Wear Rain Boots

It’s been a misty, cool weekend and we’re so excited about the dropping temperatures. But we’re anticipating some heavier rain in the upcoming weeks, and that means rain boots. However, it’s only the beginning of fall and humidity is still lingering. This transitional weather is slightly tricky to dress for, especially when it’s raining. We dug up some rain boot inspiration this week on Instagram, and we’re loving all these waterproof. Let’s face it, the classic Hunter Wellington Boots never go out of style. We can’t wait to copy these outfits… check ’em out! Share how you would wear your rain boots this winter… Send us ideas! Source: HuffingtonPost  ...

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