Monthly Archives: May 2015

Walk Through 1915 Beirut Today With Time Box

TIMEBOX Beirut is an urban trail of early 20th century 3D images on the streets of Beirut. Each TIMEBOX holds one archival stereograph at the location where it was originally taken 100 years ago. Passersby experience that same street a century back in 3D. TIMEBOX is latched on 10 different street poles across the city. The box is a modern plexiglas stereoscope specially designed to mount on a street pole. It’s comprised of two superposed images that give a three-dimensional effect when viewed through the special lens. Each TIMEBOX places the viewer’s point of view within the perspective of the original stereograph, instigating an instant visual juxtaposition between past and present – and possibly a glimpse into the future?   Creating cultural and historical interest on the streets, TIMEBOX places each archival 3D image in its original context to provoke a sense of how Beirut’s...

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Celebrating “The Secret Life of the Pencil” with Paul Smith

A one of a kind charity project collects, exhibits and auctions off pencils from famous owners including Stephen Fry, David Bailey, Tom Dixon and Paul Smith. “The humble pencil is found where most of mankind’s greatest achievements begin”, explain Alex Hammond and Mike Tinney, the pencil pushers behind this special project. The photographic study aims to showcase the continued use of the pencil in an increasingly digital world, demonstrating how the simple writing implement still sits proudly on the desk or behind the ear of the world’s leading artists, architects, writers and designers. Documenting each pencil in pin-sharp detail, the photographs capture individual pencils as unique as fingerprints, each giving clues to the character of their owner. Contributors to the project have been drawn from across the creative industries and visitors to the exhibition will be able to view pencils from cultural icons such as...

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