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IDentity: Nada G Unifies Cultures, Exclusive at Surosock Museum Store

Award­‐winning Nada GTM has designed and produced ‘IDentity’, a bespoke collection aimed at those who believe in unifying the cultures of the world by melding the East and the West to create a synergy of one people, one place, and one ‘IDentity’. The collection is inspired by peace, conflict and coexistence; a symbiosis that the peoples of this area have become accustomed to over the past several millennia. It’s a tribute to the various cultures around the Mediterranean that have developed in contact with each other and where ideas have easily crossed linguistic, cultural, and religious boundaries. “There is no denying how the intersection of East and West has helped people attain new heights of human culture; ‘IDentity’, is an homage to those who have flourished as a result of intense activity of cultural transmission between the various cultures” says Nada Ghazal, Founder and Creative...

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Bulgari 1 Ring by Zaha Hadid

Founded in Rome, since 1884 Bulgari has embodied the city’s individual sense of style: bold, sensual and exuberant. Inspired by the Colosseum, Bulgari’s original 1 collection expressed this distinctly Roman attitude. Created to celebrate the new millennium, the 1 collection has been reinterpreted over the years, exploring different colours, materials and configurations that reinforce and contextualize the design without compromising the integrity of the 1999 original. Continuing their ongoing collaborations, in 2015 Bulagri chief executive Jean-Christophe Babin invited Zaha Hadid to reinvent the 1 collection. Hadid’s pioneering vision redefined architecture and design; combining her unwavering optimism for the future and belief in the power of invention with concepts of fluidity. Daring to innovate with materials and proportions, Hadid’s unrelenting experimentation never failed to capture the imagination. Renowned as a master of innovation, the same approach has driven Bulgari for generations. The new...

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