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E.c.ho.: Enjoy Milan in Eco-Friendly Environment

Cutting-edge style meets ethical substance. Starhotels first ecological hotel, the 4 star E.c.ho. brings eco-friendly style to Italy’s fashion capital, Milan. After a day discovering Milan’s lively center, step into a calming space with warm, sustainable wood interiors and plenty of natural light. From the terrace overlooking a tranquil garden, to the fitness suite with panoramic views, the E.c.ho is a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city. The E.c.ho is ecotourism at its finest – an ecological property in a wonderful spot in central Milan. Located near the Centrale railway station, you’ll find the city’s must-see sights and tucked away treasures all within easy reach. Stroll through the beautiful Giardini di Via Palestro, or explore Milans iconic Renaissance landmark, the Duomo. Sample the city’s world-class culture at the famous La Scala Theater or the Museo Poldi Pezzoli, or its cutting-edge fashion...

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The Unhomely: A Group Exhibition, Denny Gallery, NYC

The Unhomely is a group exhibition of Amir H. Fallah, Ann Shelton, Diedrick Brackens, Future Retrieval, Mie Olise Kjærgaard, and Paula Wilson. On view from June 29th to August 18th, 2017 at Denny Gallery NYC , The Unhomely explores the experience of being an artist in a globalized art world as the borders begin to literally and figuratively close, through the lens of Homi Bhabha’s post-colonialist idea of the “unhomely” presented in his 1992 essay “The World and the Home.” He writes that the word “captures something of the estranging sense of the relocation of the home and the world in an unhallowed place…. The home does not remain the domain of domestic life, nor does the world simply become its social or historical counterpart. The unhomely is the shock of recognition of the world-in-the-home, the home-in-the-world.” This idea is used to further refer to...

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Objects of Change: Adding a Contemporary Breath to Tradition

Objects of Change introduces a series of design practices pioneered by l’Artisan du Liban (ADL), that cast design-objects as a primary site for social, economic, and political engagement. Although technique-based, the impact of those practices is deployed in terms of social change, women empowerment and economic sustainability. In other words, these tactics are centered around objects whose social impact surpasses their objecthood, and in so doing, incorporates to the designer’s job a form of activism. Objects of Change installation is designed by Ghassan Salameh and produced collaboratively by l’ADL artisans and glass artisan Céline Hage. It focuses on an evolution of traditional craft techniques, reconfiguring and extending the usage of basic elements found in Marquetry and oriental aesthetics. This results in a connective symbiotic system, composed of varying geometric primary structures; a contemporary approach, in the form of a lighting installation, of the traditional glass...

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