Objects of Change: Adding a Contemporary Breath to Tradition

Objects of Change introduces a series of design practices pioneered by l’Artisan du Liban (ADL), that cast design-objects as a primary site for social, economic, and political engagement.

Although technique-based, the impact of those practices is deployed in terms of social change, women empowerment and economic sustainability. In other words, these tactics are centered around objects whose social impact surpasses their objecthood, and in so doing, incorporates to the designer’s job a form of activism.


Objects of Change installation is designed by Ghassan Salameh and produced collaboratively by l’ADL artisans and glass artisan Céline Hage. It focuses on an evolution of traditional craft techniques, reconfiguring and extending the usage of basic elements found in Marquetry and oriental aesthetics.


This results in a connective symbiotic system, composed of varying geometric primary structures; a contemporary approach, in the form of a lighting installation, of the traditional glass lantern craft.


Through this experimentation, ADL invites Lebanese artisans into an encounter with a young designer and a new-generation artisan. Design and craftsmanship are intimately fused where a set of re-designed Sayé patterns, traditionally found in textile, were interpreted and applied by the different craftsmen, in their particular technique.

Several handcrafted surfaces were integrated onto single modules of the installation by the designer, built as standalone objects, and which intertwined, create a solid expression of ADL history and vision.

Images: Elham Haidar & Valerie Nseir.

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