A Private Encounter: Dom Pérignon and its Commitment to Vintages!

It was a pleasure for FashionRepublik to be part of an exciting conference introducing the history, the passion and the quest behind a brand synonymous to luxury and taste. The presentation was lead by Global Brand Ambassador Pierre- Louis Araud at the Musée Sursock Resto.

During the presentation, Pierre-Louis introduced the Power of Creation of Dom Pérignon and mentioned a lot some of which: “Dom Pérignon commitment to vintages is absolute. Each Dom Pérignon is a true act of creation, made from only the best grapes. The champagne’s intensity is based in precision, so inviting, so mysterious. Each Vintage has three Plénitudes, and embodies the total faith in the Power of Creation that is constantly renewed by Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy. Coupled with a bold sense of playfulness, Dom Pérignon inspires the greatest creators in the world.”

The two new Dom Pérignon vintages were presented during this gathering: The Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009 and the Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2015.

Delicious – to say the least!

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