A Tribute Exhibition to SerpentiForm, Bvlgari’s Main Inspiration

Following the success of the previous editions in Rome, Singapore and Tokyo, Bvlgari inaugurated the fourth edition of SerpentiForm at Chengdu Museum that will run until August 25, 2019.

Epitomizing seduction, rebirth and transformation, the snake has been intertwined for centuries with the history of mankind, captivating the imagination from East to West. During the 1940s, Bvlgari captured the expressive power of this symbol, reinterpreting it with supple bracelet-watches that over the decades established themselves as true icons of the Brand’s bold creativity.

Paying tribute to a motif that has contributed to increasing the Maison’s international fame, with SerpentiForm Bvlgari offers an eclectic itinerary to illustrate how the snake has also inspired many important names in art, fashion and photography.

Jointly curated with Chengdu Museum, SerpentiForm further explores the multi-faceted nature of the snake with closer attention to the Chinese artistic and cultural context. On display, the works of esteemed Chinese contemporary artists such as Yang Mian, Sun Hao, Kang Chunhui and Wu Jian’an feature alongside protagonists of Asian and Western artistic scene.

Rare antiquities across 5,000 years of history from ancient Rome and Chinese dynasties enrich the journey through a stimulating dialogue between two cultures that were both fascinated by the sinewy reptile.

A review of splendid Bulgari Serpenti creations closes the exhibition. The selection includes current creations and archival creations that will be on display for the very first time, thus showing how, yesterday like today, the motif of the snake continues to evolve and to feed the inexhaustible creativity of the Maison.

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