Absolut Launches #CivilLove Campaign in Lebanon

A world-first happened off the coast of Lebanon recently: The #CivilLove boat brought unconditional civil marriage the closest it has ever been to Lebanon.

CivilLove: Tarek-Mallak Anastacia ElHajj Husband and Wife

A legal loophole was found, allowing all this to creatively happen. With this act Absolut are aiming to start a nation-wide discussion about the possibilities of civil marriage in Lebanon and the change needed to heal the division within the country.

More so, a Lebanese inter-faith couple just got a legal civil marriage off the coast of Lebanon, only 12 miles away from shore, in international waters. By holding the civil marriage in international waters, the marriage did not need to abide by Lebanese law.

The couple that got married were Tarek Malak and Anastacia el Hajj who have been in love for many years and wanted to get a civil marriage outside of Lebanon. Once they heard about the opportunity to get married as close as possible to their home, they were extremely excited to take part. The civil marriage on the boat was part of Absolut’s #CivilLove campaign which believes that inter-faith love and marriage can unify Lebanon.

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