According to Kahil: Tribute to the Great Mahmoud Kahil

Launched by The Mahmoud Kahil Foundation “According to Kahil” is a seminal work in memory of the prominent Lebanese political cartoonist Mahmoud Kahil.

IMG_3910According to Kahil includes works from 1980-2000, arranged under six key themes of interest to the artist: Lebanon, Israel-Palestinian, social issues, international affairs, the Arab region and press freedom. The launch of the book coincides with the announcement of the annual Mahmoud Kahil Award sponsored by the Mutaz and Rada Sawwaf Initiative for Arab Comics and hosted by the American University of Beirut.

MKahil_NK4This new regional cultural and artistic program invites graphic artists from across the Arab world to submit drawings under five categories, including editorial cartoon, graphic novel, comic strip, graphic illustration and children’s illustration.


Winners of each category will receive a substantial financial reward. Along with the book and the Award, the Association has created a digital database featuring a limited number high quality scans of Kahil’s work together with background descriptions and other relevant details.

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