Add Harmony to Your Life with Enchanting Bola Jewels at Afkart

If you’re looking for some Christmas stocking fillers this season, here’s an idea we came across at Afkart (Biel). A treat for eye and ear is the Bola jewel. The Bola ball, otherwise known as a Harmony necklace, is a musical chime necklace first worn by pregnant women in Mexico and Bali. The pendant is usually made from sterling silver and contains a small bell-like item that emits a subtle chime when rustled — very close to a tinkering wind chime.

bola-1024x768  1546436_1499546350332704_8235698268160306531_n

You can find them these Enchanting Bola; the tinkling jewel at Biel – We Art Together Until 21 December.


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