Adding an Artist’s Touch to Lebanon’s Wine Culture

Château Kefraya has teamed up with Lebanese artist Mazen Kerbaj, to create a limited edition label to celebrate the launch of the 2012 Les Bretèches, one of Lebanon’s much-loved red wines this year at Vinifest!

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“This year, we felt like celebrating a mythical wine with Mazen Kerbaj, an authentic, innovating and modern Lebanese artist” said Château Kefraya’s founder and chairman, Michel de Bustros. “For over 20 years we’ve had a tradition of personalizing each vintage of our Château Kefraya labels with a new painting created by a Lebanese woman artist, but this is the first time we have commissioned the entire creation of a limited edition label, namely for Les Bretèches’’.

“It’s an honor to contribute to the development of Lebanese wine culture” Kerbaj said, revealing he wanted to capture Lebanon’s energy and sense of Epicureanism within the spirit of the Roman God of vine, Bacchus. Kerbaj entitled his artwork Bacchanales Beyrouthines.

“Les Bretèches’’ has won medals and awards all over the world and has been recently listed in the “Best in Class” category at the prestigious London International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC). It is an easy drinking, light and fruity red wine, suitable for almost all occasions. It is made mostly with Lebanese Cinsault but also has Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Carignan, all grapes that have flourished in Lebanon’s generous terroir.

“The wine world is just beginning to wake up to the delicious experience that is Lebanese Cinsault,” said award winning Lebanese wine writer Michael Karam.

“In this respect, and bearing in mind the other exciting grapes, especially the Carignan, that make up the blend, Les Bretèches is a quintessential Lebanese red. It is full of natural tannins and intensely rounded fruit and infused with the aromas and flavors of the Bekaa Valley. In terms of complexity it punches well above its weight” added Karam.

“Les Bretèches reflects the growing passion for wine in Lebanon, with its enduring appeal in over 40 countries,” concluded de Bustros.

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