adidas Originals Releases the New P.O.D. System

One of the most exciting new sneakers to come from adidas Originals recently is without a doubt their latest Point of Deflection (P.O.D.) System – the new two-tone classic black and white colorway.

For the upper, the P.O.D-S3.1 model receives a knitted textile construction, reinforced by structural overlays, a branded heel tab, and a 3-stripe mark, giving the unique Point of Deflection System P.O.D-S3.1 silhouette its name.

Along with the release adidas Originals presents a new campaign for the occasion. The campaign is underpinned by the unifying ethos, Great alone, better together the campaign imagery leans toward the intersection of the P.O.D archival references while incorporating its contemporary forward-thinking design perspective.

Set against the hot and hazy backdrop of a typical west coast city, the campaign translates the combination of nostalgia and progression that underpins the P.O.D. System into a clear visual context, whilst the dynamic nature of the images place a firm focus on the fluidity and freedom of movement that characterizes the P.O.D-S3.1 silhouette.

Presenting one of adidas Originals’ most progressive contemporary chapters in a setting underpinned by memory, nostalgia and the natural flow of modern life, the P.O.D. System campaign presents the thought process behind the collection’s entire philosophy in a clear visual mode; using the past to empower the present, and translating the charm of nostalgia into something new – something that will, in its own way, capture minds and endure for years to come.


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