Akillis Python: Cleopatra Inspired Jewelry

With this new collection, AKILLIS returns to its roots, focusing on the initial inspiration that launched the brand. Founder and Creative Director, Caroline Gaspard, found inspiration in ancient mythology, creating a line of jewellery that derives from the story of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt.Globally acclaimed as a woman with an unsurpassed strength of character, with enchanting powers of seduction, it was claimed that Cleopatra wore live pythons around her wrists.


This AKILLIS PYTHON collection represents the reptile in its purest essence, by reimagining its unmistakable skin pattern. This design focuses on geometrical and round shaped scale elements, bringing to mind the movement of the snake coiling around the body. This unique design reveals the sensuality and mystery associated with this most dangerous yet admired creature.


In true AKILLIS fashion, the brand is faithful to its roots and thus is an ode to true femininity and is at once delicate and strong, as indicated by the reference to ancient warriors’ armour.

The gold and diamond scaled curl around the fingers and wrists, drawing a beautiful portrait along the ears and undulating around the neck of the wearer. The PYTHON collection conveys the warmth of yellow and pink gold and the coolness of white gold with diamonds.


As always, AKILLIS enhances the best of French traditional craftsmanship which gives life to the most creative designs. AKILLIS surpasses the traditional rules of jewelry making and truly delivers a contemporary, bold aesthetic. The PYTHON collection is a perfect example of AKILLIS’s unique designs and is truly charming.

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