When Andy Warhol and Nike Meet: A Pop Culture Sensation

Nike Air Force 1 just got a pop make makeover. Inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol, the prototype pair of sneakers, designed by Sam Mazzarino, features Campbell’s Soup Cans on the upper panels, and the Velvet Underground & Nico‘s banana album cover in the form of Nike’s Swoosh logo.

Designer Sam Mazzarino at Reeno Studios explains to FashonRepublik how the idea came about. “I’ve recently been playing around with the combination of two inherently cool, yet very separate concepts, in order to make something even cooler. And recently I have been very inspired by the works of pop art legend Andy Warhol.”

The idea for the Velvet Underground banana swoosh popped into the designers head as he was falling asleep, and the rest of the design just fell into place. Reeno Studios decided to feature the design on an “Air Force 1, because I feel that that this pair is to the sneaker world what Andy Warhol’s subject matter (Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, etc) are to pop culture.”

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