Art and Fashion: Discover the Long Lasting History

As Paris Fashion Week comes to a close, enjoy a curated collection that celebrates fashion’s long-standing history with art. Fashionrepulik scouts Saatchi Art’s rich online art platform to learn more about fashion in art.

Moschino Painting by Pascale Taurua

According to artist Pascale Taurua clothes are a way of expressing a sensitivity, a vision of the world. Fashion is also a culture, a way of belonging to a group. In that case we are talking about MOSCHINO.

Elle en rouge Painting by Isabelle Joubert

“Elle en rouge” by Isabelle Joubert is part of the series “cover mag” that features men and women from others centuries on current fashion magazines’ covers. This young and elegant woman was painted by Eduard Frierich Leybold in 1824. The original painting was sold at auction by Christies in 2011.

LV Supreme – Blutack

Blutack brings LV Supreme to life in a painting using spray paint on wood. Hand-Cut Stencil & Aerosol on Wood Panel. Unique, 2018

Gold Melting CHANEL – Limited Edition 41 of 50 Printmaking by Louis-Nicolas Darbon

Iconic CHANEL No5 Bottle by Louis-Nicolas Darbon is interpreted with a Pop twist.

Untitled 118 Painting by Barry Johnson

This piece by Barry Johnson, is a continuation in a series profiling men and women cast against vibrant colors accompanied with rabbit fur.

Risen Rose, medium – Limited Edition 1 of 10 Photography by Miss Aniela

‘RISEN ROSE’ from Surreal Fashion by Miss Aniela. Medium edition limited to 10 +2AP, size 63 x 71cm. Set in the Gothic Library of Eastnor Castle, England.

Art Artist Collection Hommage à Egon Schiele XXXV Drawing by Ute Rathmann

Artist Ute Rathmann medium is drawing. The human being is his motive, more specifically the human body and how it relates to clothes, costume, fashion and fabric.
“I tend to arrange my work in series with scenes reminiscent of masters such as Egon Schiele. A model is dressed up according to a particular theme. This is the visual basis. The end result, however, is not directly connected to the depicted subject but takes on a life of its own.”

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