Art for All: Dubai’s Most Affordable Art Pieces

World Art Dubai – the region’s most affordable and accessible Art Fair came to an end at Dubai World Trade Centre. with the help of the show’s curators, Zaahirah Muthy, Stephanie Neville and Atul Panse, we’ve rounded up the top eight artists you need to keep in mind.

Alexandra Williams

Alexandra Williams
An ever-evolving artist living in Dubai, look out for a collection of paintings that combine Alexandra’s knowledge of crystal and gemstone properties combined with bold use of geometry and colour.

A popular Dubai-based artist who believes her artwork can uplift the soul, Alexandra’s most recent masterpieces are an eclectic mish-mash of bold hues and prints. Alexandra’s unmistakably abstract style utilises a range of acrylic, oil and mixed inks, and results in canvasses that are saturated in colour and would take pride of place in the most vibrant of homes at average prices of between $5,000 – $6,000.

Arame Art Gallery Avetis Khachatrian, The Girl with Camomile

Arame Art Gallery
Hailing from Beirut and dedicated to Armenian art, Arame Art Gallery has been around since 2003, and currently collaborates with over 40 painters and sculptors from the Eurasian country.

Representing seven Armenian masters at World Art Dubai, this Beirut-based art gallery aims to raise regional awareness of the country’s buzzing art scene. With works of art averaging around $7,000, the canvases of Avetis Khachatrian are inspired by Armenian fairytales and peaceful village life, so expect quirky figurative paintings that make for the perfect conversation starter, while Tigran Matulian takes us into the colourful Oriental dreams of his imagination. Expect this and much, much more.

Bharat Thakur, Death of the Ego, 2017

Bharat Thakur
A yogi by trade, Himalayan master Bharat Thakur has been painting since the young age of 17, with his artworks famous for creating ripples in the artistic community.

Part artist, full-time yoga guru, you can’t help but wonder how a man with thousands of spiritual followers around the world finds times for a canvas calling. Famous for never using a paintbrush, palette or easel, but instead his fingers, Bharat’s work includes everything from experimentation art to figurative, pop-ups, abstracts and portraits. Snap up his legendary pieces of art for between $5,500 and $20,000.

Create Hub

Create Hub Gallery
A Dubai-based gallery promoting contemporary African art, Create Hub Gallery hosts a number of dynamic exhibitions throughout the city. Expect the vibrant African atmosphere to shine through in intense colour notes and more relaxed monochrome works.

A World Art Dubai participant since the inaugural fair in 2015, the Create Hub Gallery is ‘Walking the Line’ in its theme this year. Featuring works by five unique artists, peruse work from emerging African artists, this year inspiration is derived from everything including the human body, human tendencies African culture and more, with prices ranging between $500-$3,000.

Kristel Bechara – She is King H

Kristel Bechara
While she’s been interested in art since she was a child, Kristel recently started experimenting with digital art, and her works combine her love of fashion, graphic design and canvas paintings equivalent to regional Banksy.

Ahead of Kristel’s first year at World Art Dubai, the Dubai-based artist has caused quite the stir among the UAE art scene with her latest collection, ‘Beauty in Diversity’. Bringing 25 limited edition works covering topics including portraits, ballerinas and superheroes, her paintings have a pop-art feel priced between just $500 to $1,000. For a real wow-moment, be sure to check out the trio of pieces from her ‘Three Wise Women’ collection that depict the age-old maxim ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ and are sure to generate serious interest from Dubai’s culture vultures.

White Space- Oussayma Dimashkieh- Together

White Space Gallery
More than just a gallery, White Space teaches drawing, art, calligraphy and more to Beirut’s population of art lovers. Expect a whole range of artworks at this year’s event, with something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Comprising a collection of artworks spanning different cultures and backgrounds, this Lebanon-based gallery houses everything from traditional, classic paintings to modern, contemporary pieces. One name to look out for is Oussayma Dimashkieh – Inspired by painter and sculptor Amadeo Modigliani and Lebanese artists Hassan Jouni and Jamil Malaab, Dimashkieh is a name and investment opportunity to watch in coming years.

Jeff Murray
A British artist bringing the wonder of Dubai to life, this time around Jeff Murray has turned his attention to our beautiful city, meticulously drawn like few people can do.

A World Art Dubai stalwart, Murray is bringing both original ($7,000-$30,000) and limited-edition canvas prints ($600 – $3,000) this year, with a focus on ‘The City of the Middle East’. Think drawings that encapsulate the dynamic vision of the UAE, from the highest structures known to man, to the oldest of the Ancient Wonders, the British-born artist takes inspiration from his explorations around the world, with his work, encapsulating individual cities, countries, continents, architecture and landscapes.

Leila Kanso

Leila Kanso
A champion of Lebanese art, Leila uses art to portray the injustice that much of humanity faces in today’s world. With five Lebanese artists on show, there’s everything from water colours and acrylics to abstract art that’s easy on the eye.

Representing five Lebanese artists at this year’s exhibition, Leila has exhibited at over 50 collective and solo international art shows, with a strong focus on humanity. Her artworks range between $1,600 and $5,000, theming them around the topics of discrimination, prejudice, injustice, poverty and inequality, making use of dominant colours for paintings that are as powerful as they are beautiful. Be sure to check out her painting ‘Injustice to Humanity’ at this year’s show.

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