Artist Apolonia Sokol Describes the Contemporary Woman

The Pill Art Gallery in Istanbul recently exhibited Apolonia Sokol’s first solo show in Turkey. The talented Sokol’s paintings of young women stole the imagination and captivated audiences.

A young dark-haired woman wearing a white blouse and red skirt lies on a sofa in an unnatural position; her body appears to be dislocated like a puppet’s. Behind the sofa stands another thick-haired woman who seems to be there to keep an eye on the former, in a threatening rather than caring way…

The young women who inhabit the paintings of Apolonia Sokol occupy an unusual place in which an angular and closed geometry appears. This might seem to restrict them, but it also provides a safe harbor, and one can see how truthful perspectives, flat-covered walls, and sharp edges eventually provide a reassuring framework. In that respect, these women hold contradictory positions: strong and fragile or decided but uncertain. They find refuge in a supportive womanhood holding tightly on to each other; their hieratic and erotic bodies intermixed. Both sisters and lovers, they fell peacefully asleep like kittens nestled in a litter.

These are the contemporary women, they are mixed-race, they do not belong to any particular nation, and they search for an “ideal” place in this world. Their beauty is as the beauty of ancient goddesses and what they appear to be telling us is that we think we possess them, but they do not belong to us.

Warriors at rest, these woman are capable of great achievements. They may seem untouchable, but they are lost in love, and, in that sense, they are waiting for love in this confined dramatic and mental space, which is also their workspace. Stunning, take some time and discover Sokol’s work.

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