Aura x Jean Paul Gaultier: Coffee In a Fashionable Way

aura, a modern home fashion brand, collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier for a limited edition collection, exclusively for the GCC (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai and Doha). This exclusive collaboration with fashion’s ‘enfant terrible’ Jean Paul Gaultier, as part of its Iconic range. aura will be retailing a limited edition tableware collection, that includes a dellah (Arabic coffee pot), coffee cups, mugs and saucers, that has been designed in partnership between the two brands, exclusively for the GCC market. The modern classic pieces are presented in white porcelain, branded with iconic designs in Gaultier’s signature inky blue, complimented by the Breton stripe itself.

Elegant inked brush strokes depict images reminiscent of the fashion designer’s love of all things naval, including traditional icons such as roses, swallows, anchors, and of course, La Tour Eiffel, which sit under the curved typographic message “Wild Ride.”

The aura X Jean Paul Gaultier collection showcases the modernizing of traditional Arabic table items, such as the dellah, with a fresh, International design approach, in line with Gaultier’s aim of “always trying to balance the eccentric and the classic.”


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