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From Bankruptcy to Sublimation: Monetary Landscapes on View in Lebanon

See money in a different way! Gallery artists, Samuel Coisne and Yann Dumoget, destroy banknotes in order to retain their aesthetic value, thereby sublimating their triviality. Their monetary artwork is on display at Alice Mogabgab Gallery until June 29. Discover how art and money get along in the art world… Art and money get along well. As far back as the 1st century, Pliny the Elder (23-79) spoke of the capital gain in art, of the riches accumulated by the artist, but also of a painting worth its weight in gold. If the price of an artwork is important to the artist, money often holds a central place in a composition: from a shiny gold coin to a simple silver ditto, from a bank note to a monetary symbol, representations of money, whether metaphorical or realistic, fluctuate up through the history of art, between vice...

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Why Vegan? A First of its Kind Event in Lebanon

“WHY VEGAN?” A change for a Better World, is the first-of-a-kind Vegan Conference and Food festival to take place in Lebanon. The goal of this conference was to spread awareness and inspire the Lebanese people to put their compassion for animals in action to save the environment and give humanity a better change. The event’s Slogan and trending Hashtag was #Why_Vegan. The conference included Speeches from Georges Hayek & Roland Azar (From the Lebanese Vegan Society), Samira Oufan (Dietitian), Joelle Ghali (Holistic Nutritionist) as well as Georges Achkar & Rami Merza (Anonymous for the Voiceless) followed by a Vegan Expo, Food Tasting, Networking and Live Music. The conference was hosted and sponsored by Hayek Hospital and supported by: Souheil El-Raii Cinematography, Fouad Abou Hamdan Photography, Better’fly Lebanon for Digital Marketing and Think-Luxe for the organization and PR. Participating partners: Ada’s Kitchen – Vegan Cheeses Badass...

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Gigi Hadid Takes Us Around New York in Vogue

The new Gigi Hadid x Vogue Eyewear Special Collection takes us on a dream tour of the international supermodel’s favorite fashion capital: New York.Inspired by the many moods of the metropolis, and the people and places that make it her home, each style in the new collection was designed and named by Gigi herself and captures a moment in her life. From the edgy retro-future reality of a “city that never sleeps” to the A-list glamour of exclusive Manhattan clubs, Gigi invites us to max-out on the latest trends with one-of-a-kind personality. Framing her spontaneous it-girl style, the eclectic selection highlights the future-focused vision of contemporary women whose look says it all: be it a visor or wrapped shield, a petite metal cat-eye or dazzling low-cut shapes with uber-fashionable 90’s style, this attitude-packed collection is everything you want it to be, and more. This is how Gigi shows her Vogue. And how do...

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Eco-Friendly Castorette Jewelry Expresses Love for Lebanon

French accessories brand Castorette Paris brings edge and contemporary appeal in a green package. Benoît Viallon is a French designer from the National School of Industrial Design. After 10 years of experience within the luxury industry, Viallon felt he had acquired a unique knowledge of women’s style and beauty. His hard-earned experience came together with his attention to details and his travels that to create his vision, and a skill for discovering unexpected shapes. The result is Castorette Paris “a new form of handcrafted digital art”. Fun, funky, Castorette Paris’ lines are full of pieces such as their cassettes inspired by their love of Beirut and rings in the form of headphones. Edgy, cool and definitely contemporary, the French firm has its finger on the pulse of young, vibrant fashion. Castorette Paris takes its inspiration from animals like the beaver, who are able to build...

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Cyrine Abdlelnour Inspires the Rose-Gilded Glam Collection from MAC

Inspired by popular actress Cyrine Abdlelnour, and now star of Lebanese crime saga Al Hayba, the Rose-Gilded Glam Collection features a brand new limited edition eye palette that transforms beloved Middle Eastern Rose-Gold hues into must-have trending metallics. All that glimmers is captivating, Middle-Eastern inspired rose-gold metallics, one swipe dusky rose shimmering mattes and intensely wearable neutrals in ten brand new eye-catching Insta ready shades, hitting stores on May 27. The rose gold stars have aligned to bring trendsetter M·A·C Cosmetics and superstar Cyrine Abdelnour together to launch the Rose-Gilded Glam Collection featuring a new stunning, limited edition Eye Palette, created for Middle Eastern skin tones and starring the fashion-forward backstage trend of glimmering rose-gold metallics. The celebrated actress and singer, beauty icon, trendsetter and social media star launches the trendsetting collection across the Middle East. M·A·C has captured Cyrine’s undeniable star quality in an...

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