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Romeo Hunte: Sustainable Fashion at its Best

For his Fall/Winter 2020 Collection, Romeo Hunte turned to his idol Tommy Hilfiger for inspiration. The Brooklyn born designer debuted his latest collection using 12 vintage Tommy Hilfiger pieces. The pieces were donated from Tommy’s personal archive and upcycling them into entirely new and fresh pieces. “Tommy Hilfiger has produced some of the world’s most timeless pieces, that are still relevant up to date. For me, being able to integrate some of those capsule looks with my cut and sew methods, merging the narratives of both brands, means everything. Reconstructing pieces that are already assembled was a contribution to support sustainable fashion,” says designer  Romeo Hunte. Romeo Hunte New York is a definitive lifestyle brand created for all women who appreciate intricate details. Designed in New York City, the line embodies an aesthetic that is cool, conservative and intricate with a balance of feminine and...

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Versace’s South Beach Stories Installation Turns Heads

A new exhibition by Versace and friend of the House, interior designer, Sasha Bikoff, debuted during Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami. Drawing from the brand’s rich heritage, the installation gets its name from “South Beach Stories”, a book published by the Versace family in 1993. Paying homage to the publication, pages printed in tropical tones – jungle green, lime, orange and Caribbean blue – lend their color palette to the walls and display platforms. For the exhibit, Bikoff has created one-of-a-kind furniture pieces inspired by iconic Versace looks that are showcased with the archive clothing they encapsulate. “Similar to the book, the exhibition shares the life of a family of true artists that came to this city and made such a big cultural and creative impact that is still in our minds and hearts today.”...

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Lato: A Minimalist Extravagent Tote Bag

In the shape of LATO, TSATSAS is presenting a tote bag that is both minimalist yet extravagant, made of soft lamb leather inside and out, and weighs in at just 225 grams. Truly a perfect companion for every occasion. A bag which at first sight is both simple and luxurious. Elegant yet simultaneously relaxed. With its unusual design LATO is a marvelous surprise; its functionality and its suitability for both men and women are very persuasive. The new addition to the collection of the TSATSAS label weighs in at just 225 grams, and as a lightweight bag made entirely of leather makes a perfect everyday accessory. The pleasant feel of the soft lamb nappa leather that is used for both the inside and outside ensures using the bag is always a sensual experience. Moreover, the handle of finest leather nestles around the arm, caresses the...

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Jacquie Aiche Holiday 2019: Disco Fever this Christmas

Designed and handcrafted in Aiche’s Los Angeles studio, this Disco inspired collection is created as a guide for the JA Tribe, to help focus on areas within that need a little extra love, as the holidays approach. The collection features JA Muse Shanina Shaik. The JA Holiday 2019 collection features an array of exquisite bold gemstone pieces each connected to one of the seven chakras of the subtle body – the Root (red), Sacral (orange), Solar Plexus (yellow), Heart (green), Throat (blue), Third Eye (indigo) and Crown (violet) – keeping the mind, body and soul energized and grounded. Aiche said, “I’ll always love designing jewelry that makes women feel beautiful, but this collection is about so much more than beauty, it is about self-love and personal healing.”  ...

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Fabergé Egg Pendants Opens with a Surprise

Fabergé’s collection of rose gold egg pendants have arrived in time for the holidays and make the perfect gift for a loved one or oneself.  Joining the Fabergé Favourites assortment, these exquisite 18-karat-gold fine jewellery pieces are handmade by Fabergé’s skilled craftsmen and set with either diamonds, emeralds or rich rubies. Each pendant opens to reveal a surprise, in the form of a miniature treasure. As befits the party season, there are also two high heeled Shoe Surprises, each decorated with either a diamond or ruby. A charming Frog Prince Surprise wears a crown that bears a Gemfields’ Zambian emerald and a Forget-Me-Not flower pendant with bright sapphires helps to cheer the changing landscape. Fabergé has also included eternity rings in this collection full of surprises: one showcases a Gemfields’ Zambian emerald, the other glitters with a diamond....

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