Ayadee: Appreciating the Beauty of Imperfections

While the majority of interior design firms focus on clean, crisp lines and strive for perfection in every sense, Ayadee instead, embrace the scars and marks inflicted by a life well lived.

Ayadee’s pieces focus on a different, underappreciated type of beauty, one that has survived, proved its resilience, and continued. The designs, from candle holders to decorative objects and vases are all simple, limited edition pieces. Each object is limited to 30 pieces and Ayadee offer two collections, Beauty in Cracks and Beauty in Repair.

The Beauty in Cracks collection was inspired by the realization that life is not a smooth or linear journey, but a series of experiences punctuated by defining moments. Moments of rise and moments of fall. These defining moments are ultimately what makes our journey on earth so rich, worthwhile and beautiful. Whether materialized as a scar on your arm, a chip on your favorite cup, the mark of a lover, or a split on the ground, they represent a powerful testament that something happened, that life happened, and a celebration of being alive.

Beauty in Repair speaks to the setbacks we face as a normal part of our existence and the fact that how we respond to these challenges determines if we grow. As human beings, we have this incredible power of being resilient, so when something happens, we pause, learn, reroute and move forward.

Ayadee sought to honor this attitude with a collection inspired by Kintsugi, the longstanding Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery that treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object. There is no attempt to hide or disguise the damage, all the work is done for the sake of illuminating the repair and celebrating the revival. Both beautiful, inspiring collections are sure to find a place in your heart.


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