B018: Lebanon’s Landmark Comes Out in a Whole New Look

B018 is a name written in the Lebanese history and culture. A name synonymous to life, music, innovation and international acclaim, B018, in the 1980’s, was where everyone escaped the rage of war. Today, B018 steps out in a whole new look, keeping the same DNA. “It is a place like no other,” said the world-renowned Lebanese architect Bernard Khoury who has redesigned B018, and giving the old famous interior a  fresh new format.

Located in Quarantina, B018 is a 6000 square meter underground club. “Despite its underground location, its retractable roof has become a much loved and anticipated attraction for party lovers. “B018 is an iconic landmark in the Middle East’s nightlife scene and its force is unquestionable,” says Khoury continued.

While keeping the same DNA, the club is currently undergoing a renovation.
The new partners and entrepreneurs who joined Musicom sal, including Romy Habre, Ali Saleh and Nemer Saliba, will be working closely with Michel Ghanem, the CEO of B018 management.

B018’s renovation preserves the club’s true essence while getting an upgrade with fascinating new design in time for the last month of 2018. So what can we expect…

According to Khoury, “the authentic spirit of this nightclub will remain intact; B018 will always be incrusted in the heart of Quarantina and will retain its heartbeat. The new decor will certainly pay tribute to this spot’s glorious history, while reflecting its character and authenticity”.

Moreover, Tony Ramy, advisor of the board of directors, has confirmed: ‘’B018 is turning a new chapter, and I am positive that the innovative design, and the effective management will definitely contribute in keeping B018 in the lead.”

The renovated and innovated club will continue to be an everlasting hub and will maintain Lebanon’s leading status on the international nightlife scene.

Clubbers will soon be able to party the night away in this amazing music temple five days a week, from Tuesday till Saturday, and for the first time, partygoers will be able to indulge in modern Asian cuisine, crafted by restaurateur Mario Jr. Haddad.

Bringing back some elements of its origins, when B018 first started as a jazz bar – yet has grown into a global clubbing phenomenon, – the venue will be will be reviving that genre of music by hosting live entertainment performances on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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