Banksy Inspires Fadi Sarieddine’s Loud Lamps

‘Hey Banksy’ is a series of unique lamps that pay tribute to the anonymous artist and all graffitists whose work combines art and social activism to spread their message across the world. Check them at ‘Room E’ at Palazzo Cusani, via Brera 15, from April 8 to April 14.

With a spray can in hand, these artists enliven human-made walls with their creations and shed light on social, political and human rights issues.

The fixture is a literal depiction of a spray can, Banksy’s tool of creation. The spray is represented as a glass cone with color sprayed in a gradation that fades out towards the rim creating an endless effect.

The limited collection brings together a base made of marble and brass and a cone spray-painted with verses from Mahmoud Darwish’s poem ‘On This Land’, designed and calligraphed by Lebanese artist, Naji El-Mir and presented by Dubai’s Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Visualizing Impact, a non-profit organization for innovation and creation of impactful tools highlighting critical social issues around the world.


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