BDW 2018: Charlie Makes Change Through Art

Beirut Design Week (BDW) returns in its seventh edition under then theme “Design and the City: _”. Under this theme, Nayef Francis Design Studio (NFDS) invites seven artists, each unique in style, to creatively express their thoughts, needs, desires and dreams as inhabitants of the city on a Charlie chair, designed by NFDS.

Every artwork executed on individual Charlie chairs is a result of weeks of sketching and brainstorming that combine each of the artist’s style, NFDS’s identity, and of course a reflection of the BDW city’s theme.

Artists include: Raydan Zabian ( SpazUno), Alfred Badr (EpS), Ivan Debs, Jad El Khoury (Potato nose), Randa Ali Ahmad, Katya Traboulsi and Ashekman.

On the last day, June 29, all the chairs will be presented and put up for auction, where people can come in and make their silent bidding. Fifty percent of the proceeds will be donated to the NGOs Tamanna, Braveheart, and Kunhadi.

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