BDW 2018: The Makers Market at The Colony Beirut

Have you heard of the The Colony Beirut? Here’s a true Beiruti gem worth checking out. A beautiful spot in the heart of Karantina, The Colony Beirut hosts a myriad of events ranging from massive parties to art exhibitions, with its beautiful terrace and two rooms, this venue is perfect to host. “The Makers Market”, in its second edition, during Beirut Design Week 2018 is now taking place at Colony Beirut from June 22- 29, 6-10.

You will have the chance to meet la crème de la crème of Lebanese artists passing by illustrators, painters, photographer, accessories makers, comics and many more.

What makes The Colony Beirut special is the fact that the venue has a historical, cultural and artistic aura, as it used to be the old Karantina public school that was abandoned during the civil war.

A division of the classes were preserved,  making way for an art gallery, an exhibition area, and an events area/pub, where one can enjoy a drink.

A new room has been introduced a new room, that will be given the role of a legitimate classroom, and in which we will provide art courses such as embroidery, sketches, silkscreen, yoga and others.

The Colony Beirut is also working on opening a hostel soon, a place where where travelers can come to stay in the heart of Beirut in a good atmosphere.

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