Beirut Design Week 2014 Is Almost Here

The 3rd edition of the Beirut Design Week promotes the cause to identify Beirut as the official “Design Capital of the Middle East”, showcasing to the Lebanese government and the International community how the creative sector of Lebanon is one of our most successful and main exports from Lebanon.



The Beirut Design Week will feature exhibitions, conferences, workshops and open studios showcasing the work of local and international designers operating within Lebanon. The event focuses on creative economies, intercultural exchange, design education and design entrepreneurship. For more information on the designers, locations, and programs, please find attached the map and program or visit their site for more details.

DATE:    Monday, June 9 2014
TIME:    6:00pm
VENUE: Beirut Souks, Jewelry Section, Downtown
EVENT: Beirut Design Week 2014 Launching Event
                Dutch Design Exhibition
                Danish Design Exhibition              
                Newcomers Exhibition (Saifi Village)

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