Beirut Travels to Milan: Craftsmanship and Talented Creatives

This week, Milan becomes the center stage for design and furniture. With the 58th Salone del Mobile happening, alongside Milan Design Week  2019 and other major events, everyone who’s everyone in the design scene will be there.

FashionRepublik puts the spotlight on Lebanese designers showcasing their latest creativity with the world. Let’s discover who they are, what they will be showcasing and where they will be

Who: Studio A

What: Black and Gold Vol.2’

Where: Ventura Future via Tortona 54, Milano from April 8 to April 14

Designed by “Studio A”, a multidisciplinary design practice based in Beirut, Black and Gold Vol.2 represents a modern interpretation of iconic 20th century luxury. It defines more than a mere color palette; rather it is the embodiment of many components that create a vision and a direction It builds on inspirations of contrast, balance, geometry, and luxury, with an underlying Art Deco spirit. The pieces make a bold statement and blur the lines between sculpture and functional furniture, by adding a layer of complexity to otherwise conventional everyday items

Who: Samer Al Ameen

What: A Couch, Tables, Accessories and more (check below)

Where: Around Milan (check below)

Samer Al Ameen, Lebanese designer who reside in the capital of design, Milan, is keeping himself busy with surprises in 2019. His work, always out of the box, will be showcased in various locations during Salone del Mobile.

The couch with Design Italy will be show cased in Palazzo Giuteconsulti, Piazza dei Mercanti 2, Read Between the Lines Tile Mirrors, Via Palemewith Fontegrafica in via Palermo 1. Maseen Meccano tables and Orgone small lights with JCP Universe will be showcased in Hall 16 Stand E37 at the Fiera Milan.

Who: Nada Debs

What: Nada Debs x Fratelli Rossetti

Where: Fratelli Rossetti flagship from April 5 to April 21

Lebanese designer Nada Debs presents a limited edition sandal co-designed with Fratelli Rossetti, creators of some of Italy’s most desirable shoes. This special piece, available in 60 exclusive pairs, will be shown for the first time at the Fuori Salone.

Available in two versions, a subtle off-white and a velvety soft red nubuck, these limited editions can be found in Fratelli Rossetti boutiques in Milan and Beirut and on online boutiques. Debs’ signature heel is made of contemporary mother-of-pearl inlay in solid walnut wood. The captivating zigzag pattern symbolizes the joined souls of Beirut and Milan, two cities with a vibrant design scene and that are home to creatives of every ilk. “Not only is craft about handcrafting, it’s about a sense of spirituality in the human being—the soul is passed on to the product,” said Debs.

The power of creativity, of two remarkable cities, comes together in these inspirational pieces of footwear. The end result is a stunning collaboration between two studios famed for their passion and talent.

Who: Fadi Sarieddine

What: Hey Banksy

Where: ‘Room E’ at Palazzo Cusani, via Brera 15, from April 8 to April 14 

“Hey Banksy” is a tribute to the anonymous artist and all graffitists whose work combine art and social activism to spread their message across the world. With a spray can in hand, these artists enliven human-made walls with their creations and shed light on social, political and human right issues. Designed by Fadi Sarieddine Lebanese designer based in Dubai.

The fixture is a literal depiction of a spray can, Banksy’s tool for creation. The spray is represented as a glass cone with color sprayed in a gradation that fades out towards the rim creating an endless effect. The limited collection brings together a base made of marble and brass and a cone spray-painted with verses from Mahmoud Darwish’s poem ‘On This Land’, designed and calligraphed by Lebanese artist, Naji El-Mir.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Visualizing Impact, a non-profit organization for innovation and creation of impactful tools highlighting critical social issues around the world.

Who: Richard Yasmine

What: The Cure Concept

Where: Ventura Future at Base Milano, Via Tortona 54

“The Cure” (Heavenly Pie(a)ces) is a collection of interior design pieces made of a white powder coated aluminum structure with various other materials such as brass, neo-cement, suede, Carrara marble and couture handmade embroidery with beads, pearls and silk designed by Richard Yasmine.

This introspective series encourages us to look within. The collection was conceived as “an experimental installation yet an interpretation of our inner spiritual substance with a deep therapeutic message associated with the notion of time and the philosophy of karma with its idea of renaissance after each failure moment creating an influential emotional charge reflecting forgiveness and self-reconciliation”, according to Yasmine.

The series includes an armchair, a pendulum clock and a wall mounted lighting fixture, each one has a significance related to the theme, the arm chair’s back is a headstone silhouette with a message of destiny and regeneration, the pendulum clock corresponds to time and how we can catch the moment before it’s too late, yet it also shows that there is always brightness/hope at the end of the darkness, finally, the wall mounted lighting represented by a halo or an aureole symbolizes majesty, or the prominence of the soul.

Who: T Sakhi

What: Lost in Transition

Where: Alcova, via Popoli from April 9 to April 13

On show at Alcova during Milan Design Week, “Lost in Transition”, by T Sakhi, is an urban object-space comprised of two chairs connected with an arch, which enforces a physical face-to-face interaction while the periphery stools focuses on a solitary moment for writing, reading or enjoying the surrounding.

Blurring the boundaries between objects and spaces, the structure adapts to the ephemerality of spaces today and enables numerous spatial configurations in various environments.

In 2016, Lebanese-Polish sisters and architects, Tessa and Tara Sakhi, combined their strong, versatile talents and individual loves to co-found their firm, T Sakhi to create an architecture and artistic design platform that promotes innovation through multi-disciplinary collaborations with artists and craftsmen from all over the world. Their passion-driven projects range from large to small scale workshops in commercial and residential architecture, design, urban installations and film. Their aim is to create projects specific to their contextual surroundings and construct a journey where people re-question the notion of social interactions, cultural contrast and evolution in today’s world.

Who: Carlos Massoud 

What: The Fish and the Crowd

Where: Oratorio della Passione, Piazza Sant’Ambrogio 23A from April 7 to April 14

Produced by 5VIE The Fish and the Crowd is the first solo exhibition by the young Lebanese Carlos Massoud in Italy, and brought together a number of objects realized since the designer started his studio in Beirut in 2013, combined with a new production realized for the occasion. For his first solo exhibition, Massoud re-imagined the space of the Oratorio della Passione through a new collaboration with his sister Mary-Lynn with whom he has realized a collaborative brand new project in onyx.

Within this incredible church a number of objects played the role of an imaginary crowd, seated on benches. The crowd looked forward to the apse, where the designer had placed a new contemporary altarpiece, revisiting the pala d’altare. For The Fish and the Crowd Carlo and Mary-Lynn Massoud quoted the classical icons of Christianity and its liturgies to involve the viewers in a light and intense experience, a reflection suspended between the physicality of the objects and the spiritual tension of the context.

Who: Nada Debs

What: MarquetryMania

Where: Dilmos Gallery from April 6th to April 14th

Following the great success of “Up, Close and Personal” at Rossana Orlandi Gallery during Milan Design Week 2018, Studio Nada Debs presents its latest collection “Marquetry Mania”.

MarquetryMania explores, once again, the handcrafted technique of marquetry by applying a playful yet powerful interpretation to it. Bypassing the expected, the collection comprises of home accessories and furniture with a softer edge. Applying linear forms onto round­ed shapes breaks down the paradox and gives rise to a whole new interpretation of this Middle Eastern craft.

Mania is conveyed by striking color combinations, bold shapes and raving mirror reflections. The collection consists of a dining and center table, a console, mirrors, side tables, wall and ceiling lighting fixtures as well as table lamps.

Also a few home accessories including trays and bowls with the same playful application. Handmade in Lebanon, the marquetry strips are inlaid on sculpted wood and finished with matt lacquer.

Who: David/Nicolas

What: Carpets, Tables…(check below)

Where: Milan (check below)

Plasterworks – cc Tapis

David/Nicolas are not new to the design scene in Milan (and the world that is). This year they will be exhibiting several items in different places: Anthology: De Cotiis x Carpenters Workshop Gallery will feature Constellation C030 at Vincenzo de Cotiis Gallery, 14, via Carolo de Cristofori; CC-Tapis new rug collection, “Plasterwork will be at the new Piazza Santo Stefano, 10 and Fiera Milano, Hall 24, Stand B10, while their Gallotti e Radice “Prism” table collection, will be at Fiera Milano, Hall7, Stand L12 and Life In Vogue: “The Interior’s Cut”, a crossover reflection around fashion and design at Redazione Vogue Italia, Piazzale Cardone, 5.

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