Bil Arabi: Embracing Cultural Fashion Through Design

With demand for men’s jewelery on the rise, designer and artist Nadine Kanso and designer Samer Al Ameen have teamed up to create and Arabic-inspired line for Kanso’s Bil Arabi label.

Bil Arabi1

When the name of your brand translates to “In Arabic”, your direct is fairly apparent. The line, launched in 2006 by Beiruti Nadine Kanso, is clearly inspired by Arabic culture and traditions, the language and, specifically, Arabic calligraphy. A contemporary take on traditional calligraphy, Bil Arabi is bringing our heritage into the present.


Bil Arabi5

The new line features clear, strong lines and is dominated by masculine-styled Arabic lettering. Samer Al Ameen’s love of Arabic fonts and calligraphy is rooted in his past work with Arabic in the realm of advertising, where he was called upon to create corporate identities for firms across the region.

Bil Arabi8

Al Ameen’s challenge was to create a new, modern Arabic font without denuding it of the language’s traditions and heritage. The new line takes inspiration from the past to reinvent Arabic lettering into something akin to modern art pieces. Made up of rings, cufflinks, necklaces and more, the line’s silver pieces are eye-catching and attractive, yet certainly exude a sense of masculine strength.

Bil Arabi10

Designed to reflect the fashionable man, the latest addition to the Bil Arabi brand comes at a time when the men’s jewelry industry is booming and is aimed at the younger man, one who’s secure in his cultural leanings and is yearning for something expressive.

Bil Arabi11

The sharp, cut lines of the pieces, the inherent strength in the design and the modern outlook set Bil Arabi Men apart from the crowd as each piece is subtle and powerful at the same time. As a continuation of Kanso’s Bil Arabi line, the jewelry fits in perfectly with the overall aesthetic, modern, vibrant and cool, it’s sure to garner attention.

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