Black Edition: wabu Goes Poetically Black

wabu created a series of limited furniture pieces that are elegant and poetic – Black Edition. The uniqueness of this collection, other than its shape, is in their ‘charcoal black color’.

Designers, Carl and Christelle Bardawil, express the fact that when an item is ripped off from any color, the only thing that stands out is the item itself. “The collection is not looking for any attention or approval, it’s not trying to impress anyone, yet has so much character,” the duo brother and sister explain.

The charcoal black was achieved by layering three different types of blacks, while the super matte finish was achieved by waxing.

wabu, which stands for wood after being used, is an Eco-conscious design project. The idea was born from the desire to give used wood another chance at life.

Black Edition from wabu will be launching at Gray Gardens Plant Studio in Beirut. Co-hosted alongside Gray Gardens, each of the brands will be presenting a limited edition collection under the theme Black. wabu’s collection will be in wood, while Gray Gardens’ collection will be in concrete.

The collection will be on show at Gray Gardens, Souk Beirut, January 26, starting 6pm.

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