Blue Tiffany: A Timeless Color to Brighten Your Home

This is a color that is loved by many… Blue Tiffany is a blue-green shade that has become unmistakable, synonymous with style, fashion, beauty, design and home objects. Created from a mix of aquamarine, peacock and cerulean blue and directly selected by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany for the cover of the Blue Book, the catalogue of Tiffany’s annual jeweler collection, first published in 1845. The color was also called “forget-me-not blue”, because its mix of nuances were supposed to make those who were in front of it happy, even before the package was opened.

Fashion Republik highlights some of our favorite home accessories and furniture in this popular color that has made it’s way into the Pantone world – from sofa’s to armchairs, kitchen appliances, outdoor furniture, to bathrooms… Tiffany Blue is here to stay.

Tonino Lamborghini Casa

Alpha-One sofa from Tonino Lamborghini Casa, is a collection of versatile and character upholstered furniture, modular in multiple configurations. It has an external structure completely covered in leather with vertical tone-on-tone stitching and a metal base with titanium finish. Seat and back can be chosen in leather or covered in fabric with leather cord. Even the armrests leave freedom of preference: simple with or without a support cushion or with a protruding side.

Tonino Lamborghini Casa

Omega armchair, also from Tonino Lamborghini Casa, is an extremely comfortable and technological swivel armchair. Completely covered in leather with perforated leather details and embroidery on the back and shell, it has two golden finish hinges on the side headrests that hide a high-performance integrated sound system. The base in bronze-colored lacquered metal is embellished with leather inserts.

Glass Design Metropole washbasin is deeply inspired by today’s urban environments. Its decorative surface enhances the stunning combination between glass and metal. Made entirely by hand.


Marioni, sofa Baia is an innovative proposal for the living room. Original and strong creative-imprint, it is a perfect choice of furniture for a dynamic style and refined at the same time. To be used as modular units or single elements. Furthermore, the use, for the base, of a particular material such as ceramics, allows to customize the sofa up to the minimum detail.


Antoniolupi, Strappo washbasin, is  conceived as a strip tearing out from the wall, that gives it life and shape, the washbasin is able to merge with the surface where installed.

Officina Ciani

Officina Ciani Zig Zag armchair is a stunning combination in between the traditional Florentine craftsmanship in manufacturing and processing wrought iron and metals and a contemporary design. Perfect for the outdoors.

Officine Gullo

Officine Gullo stove is made entirely of thick steel. The efficiency of a professional kitchen, but entirely custom made.


“Blue Tiffany” kitchen from Toncelli is where an essential design meets and merges with a modern style, made even more concrete thanks to the adoption of warm native materials.


Formiltalia, Overseas sofa is characterized by an external frame upholstered with leather and by an inside padding, enhanced by special seams with a “capitonnée” effect.


Also, Sunrise armchair from Formitalia is characterized by an external frame upholstered with leather and by an inside padding which is covered with fabric or Nappa leather, available in 50 colors. The base is made of bent metal with a pale golden finishing with a satin finish.

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