‘Out of the Box’ Creativity at imm Cologne 2019

Where can you find tiles made of paper, tabletops manufactured from waste timber and lamps with non-toxic salt batteries? At the Interior Business Event, imm cologne, that’s where — right next to the latest chairs, the most original furniture for storage spaces, folding lounge chairs and centrally arranged kitchen modules…

Let’s play! The Bench Gang by Christian Cowper is a family of three light-hearted and dynamic benches. Made of pine, Bench Gang is meant to visualize the simple qualities of fun and play and bring the humble bench to life!

Young designers are thinking about sustainability, interactivity and cross-generational design for both young and older people—that is the positive summary of the 16th edition of the Pure Talents Contest.

Light that’s a perfect fit: Gal Bulka’s Axis design is a colourful two-part desk lamp. The angle of incidence is adjusted by means of a playful and totally flexible mechanism: the round base sits in one of three different hollows in a separate element – just like a ball-and-socket joint.

The high-profile panel members for the Pure Talents Contest 2019 jury came together in Cologne in October to view the 926 products submitted from 69 nations. Only 26 have made it through to the exhibition, which will attract many designers and design enthusiasts during the Interior Business Event, imm cologne.

No need to stick your head in the sand! POP by Rongjie Yang provides a protective, soundproof shell – a private sphere for taking a bit of time out in public spaces, enjoying a meditative moment or just making a phone call.

The competition, promoted and organized by Koelnmesse, is specifically aimed at designers who are still studying or have recently completed their education. It is one of the most prestigious international contests for young design, as highlighted by the further increase in submissions (up by 11%) and its international character (last year’s event: 53 countries represented).

Chunky is the new beautiful: in a revolt against minimalist ideology, the Billy Chair by Joe Smith features starkly contrasting materials and vibrant colours. At the same time, it turns a deliberately unsophisticated construction method into an aesthetic principle.

Jury’s selection acknowledges the sustainability concepts of many designs and the combination of familiar and new, as yet unconsidered materials

The 26 nominated designs represent the product areas of furniture, flooring, wallpapering and textiles, lighting, smart home, household accessories and kitchens. The jury was struck by the many international entries.

A pink aquarium for your favourite things: the glass presentation case Floating Boxes by Aylene Ruschke creates an exclusive space for collectibles and special trophies. Her reinterpretation of the classic display cabinet comes with a surprising twist: the integrated cubes look as if they’re floating in mid-air.

The broad spectrum of functions, materials and different approaches seen in the chosen designs is astonishing. This diversity ranges from a series of 21 prototypes designed as a study on sitting to a tambour credenza, the design of which is inspired by textile dyeing techniques, a piece of bubble-like architectural furniture that creates a private area within a public space and a traditional-style chair that reinterprets the flowing forms of the 1960s through to a lounge chair that looks almost clunky and radiates a bold industrial look thanks to its undisguised combination of steel tubing and heavily screwed wooden planks. Jury member Johannes Hünig sees this positively: “I like it when designs are initially visually challenging and you have to spend a little time with them first. You have to work for some designs. In return, they are much more sustainable in the way you live with them.”

Wired for impact: Anna-Maria Nilsson’s storage solution for magazines and double-page spreads ensures they’re always in full view so they can inspire their owners. Her Wire shelf is made of steel wire in different thicknesses, which is bent into shape and welded by hand.

20 of the chosen designs will be on show at imm cologne in the renowned Pure Talents Contest exhibition in Hall 3.1. For the nominated designers, the presentation of their creations at imm cologne is the ideal platform from which to launch a successful career.

Less is sometimes more. The 2018 chair designed by Zohair Zouirech derives its poetry from the fact that its volume is left undefined: the chair has no seat at all until the user ties a simple knot in its textile throw. The soft fabric creates an interesting contrast with the matter-of-fact tubular steel frame.

With the addition of the prize for the LivingKitchen Selection, the jury for this year’s Pure Talents Contest will be presenting a total of four awards to the best competition entries. The winners will only be chosen by the jury on the first day of the trade fair. The names of those taking home prizes will be announced in an awards ceremony at the event forum “The Stage” (Hall 3.1) at 2 p.m. on Monday, 14 January 2019.

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