Boys Meets Girl with Nada G

‘BOY MEETS GIRL’, newest collection by Nada G was recently launched in the presence of friends. “‘BOY MEETS GIRLS’ is all about the boyish side in me, expressed through the tight bands and the fun oversized wires,” explains Nada Ghazal, the designer.


In the past few years Nada G™ creations have had a big impact at showcases in London, Paris and Las Vegas making Nada G™ a highly sought after brand by affluent international retailers. The brand is now available in several stores in the US including the famous Neiman Marcus and one store in the UK with future expansion plan in the Gold region.FR_NadaG3

“We have had three years of major accomplishments which we would like to celebrate and we are taking this opportunity to share them with our customers and supporters,” says Ghazal.


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