Building With Fire: An Exhibition by Jean Boghossian

Three years after his last exhibition in Beirut, the artist Jean Boghossian returns to this city to show the Lebanese art lovers his engaging creations, but this time at the old l’Orient-Le Jour building, where the civil war’s fire traces will join the artist’s fire drawings, creating a one-of-a-kind exhibition with the title “Building With Fire”, on display till October 28, 2018.


Organized by the Lebanese Cultural Festivals Association in collaboration with Tanit Gallery founded by Naila Kettaneh-Kunigk and curated by Bruno Corà, the director of the Burri Foundation in Città di Castello in Italy, the exhibition showcases artwork designed with fire, a rare technique in the contemporary art, on display both at the old building of L’Orient-Le Jour and the Université Saint Joseph crypt where a selection of his Burned Books are accompanied by a “Pigments” work.

“What I like about fire is that it cannot be tamed easily, it has burned me many times. It carries a risk that makes my work more intense and exciting.” With these words Boghossian describes fire, his companion and muse. With it, he transforms destruction into construction, an idea incarnated in his artwork.

As a result of a “constructive fire”, an expression of his art, Boghossian introduces works made with fire and pigment, bearing order, geometry, rhythm, composition and figures of an equilibrium responding to a need of cultural and civil reconstruction and renovation.

Commenting on the exhibition, he says, “Visitors will first see the last breath of an iconic building before its destruction and its rebirth. Then, the main theme of my exhibition is, as mentioned in its title, “Building with Fire”, that is, building through the destruction caused by fire. For this exhibition, we mainly focused on the idea of a geometry emanating from chaos, made by smoke and burnt matter. Visitors will thus see a selection of my most recent works, as well as some works that fall within what I presented at Venice last year.”


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