CH Carolina Herrera Challenges Breast Cancer, Today and Tomorrow

It’s breast cancer awareness month and everyone who’s everyone is playing a role, small or big, to help support women with breast cancer and more so help raise awareness on this global matter. One of the initiatives that can’t go unmentioned is that of Carolina Herera, who this October celebrates it’s 1oth campaigning against breast cancer. This year marks the tenth anniversary of Carolina Herrera’s campaign against breast cancer. Since 2008, Carolina Herrera has globally supported women who put up a daily fight against the disease and their family and friends through initiatives of awareness, support and funding.

Model Jessica Kahawaty and her mother, breast cancer survivor Rita Kahawaty

To commemorate the anniversary, CH Carolina Herrera has teamed up with model and philanthropist Lebanese/Australian Jessica Kahawaty and her mother, breast cancer survivor Rita Kahawaty to bring a message of hope to breast cancer patients and their loved ones.

For the first time on record, the mother and daughter duo share their heroing story of strength, persistence, and positivity.  “Family plays a huge role when it comes to this situation. They are pillars, a source of positivity and strength. A reason to keep fighting as my mother used to tell us. We all stood beside my mother during this difficult time and made her believe that nothing is impossible to overcome. Your family is your rock. She was our rock even though she felt that we were hers. We got strength from her willingness to live,” expresses Jessica.

The brand’s powerful motto –We won’t give up– will be spread in order to unite, cheer up and comfort the patients and their loved ones. The commitment against the disease entails sharing positive messages over the counter and through digital media platforms and fund raising to support research and increase awareness all over the world.

In the UAE and KSA, CH Carolina Herrera has pledged to donate a portion of all RTW sales made on 19th October, 2018 to breast cancer associations in the region – namely Pink Caravan (UAE) and Zahra Association (KSA).

Great improvements have been made in the last decade as far as treatments and therapies are concerned. Moreover, due to the enormous rise in awareness and visibility, and to the multiplication of regular check ups, early detection has grown, which has increased the chances of survival and of a better cure. Besides the medical aspect, it’s crtical for patients to maintain a positive support system during treatment. “A positive mentality is one of the most important things to win against this adversity. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you laugh. Never give up, ” says Rita.

Prevention and early detection –through self-exploratory exams– are crucial and will continue to be the main issues promoted by CH PINK. The importance of love, family, friendship, hope and of tiny gestures like a smile, a wish or a hug –crucial in the daily fight against breast cancer– will also be enhanced.

With this inspiring message, CH Carolina Herrera will continue to challenge breast cancer not only today, but also tomorrow.

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