Caroline Seikaly: Exploring Different Styles and Moods

For her first bridal collection with L’Atelier Blanc, Lebanese designer, Caroline Seikaly chose to create a variety of gowns. Brides are given the opportunity to explore different styles and moods before choosing the dress of their dreams. We sit with the designer to learn more about her creativity, her experience with Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Lacroix; and of course to learn more about her bridal collection…

Caroline Seikaly Protrait

Tell us about yourself ? How was your experience at Lagerfeld? And Christian Lacroix?

I had amazing learning experiences at both designers. Aside from observing and participating in their design process, they also thought me about teamwork and respect for everyone in the company.

When did you start doing ready to wear pret a porter and bridal pret a porter?
My first pret-a-porter collection was presented in 2009 at the New York fashion week. The exclusive pieces for l’Atelier Blanc are the first pret-a-porter bridal, I have been designing sur mesure bridal since 2008.

What was the first thing you designed in your life?
Princess dresses, I was around five years of age.

Why wedding dresses?
Because they are the closest to fairy tale dresses, which is the childhood dream of most women. You can design pieces that are timeless, and disregard any fashion trend of the moment. There are no rules.

Can you describe your ideal bride?
A bride who desires a dress and wedding that reflect her style and personality. Regardless of what people expect from her.

Take us through your Bridal Collection…

The Caroline gown is a version of the designer’s own wedding dress, classic and romantic with a fairy tale touch.

The Meadow, flowing yet modern, is a perfect reflection of the designer’s style of designing. The Vera gown was designed for a grander wedding, the crystal beaded corset and ample tulle skirt give it a spectacular look.

The Madonna is my best seller, worn by the singer herself as well as other international celebrities, it is ideal for prewedding parties or civil weddings.

The Joelle is a version of the Madonna, with added details such as crystal beading and tulle to give it a more bridal look.

How would you describe your clientele, in general?
My clientele has traveled a lot and is open to a more European style.
They have big designer pieces in their wardrobe and so appreciate fine fabrics and finishing. They also want to stand out from the crowd through their discrete elegance and style.

Does bridal wear follow a trend? What’s the trend this season?
Bridal can but doesn’t have to follow a trend. This is because most brides would like a traditional looking gown, which should be timeless. Trends come and go, you might not like them in coming years.

Tell us about your SS14 collection…
My SS2014 collection was inspired by the role of Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie Scarface. Cold yet seductive, and comfortable enough with her body to wear deep décolletés in the most elegant manner.

What are the ins and outs the bride should consider before…
Choosing a dress? First step is to try on as many styles and designers possible. You initial choice is not always the one you end up looking amazing in. Then consider the size, location and time of the wedding.
Most importantly, remember that if the dress is important to you (some brides get married in a bathing suit at the beach) then go ahead and fulfill your fantasies, it’s the day to do so.

Any tips you can share?
Think about your wedding day photos twenty years from now, you don’t want any regrets. Keep the wedding and dress in line with your personality. Try to keep important decisions between you and the other most important person, your husband to be.

Can we have an idea about the upcoming collection spirit?
Not yet! I am now. It will have bright colors, and white as always.

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