Cassina as Seen by Karl: A New Vision on Furniture

The book ‘Cassina as seen by Karl’ unveils a fashion designer’s unique perception and fresh vision of a selection of furniture by Cassina that he has personally chosen from the most emblematic symbols of modern and contemporary design. In a true mise en abîme, the book is presented within a space entirely decorated and brought to life by large format reproductions of Karl Lagerfeld’s photographs, while a number of screens display backstage footage of the photo-shoot.

Cassina as seen by Karl, Book cover

Just like the artists interprets Cassina’s iconic pieces in the photos, the exhibition underlines the essential contrasting colours, light, geometry and graphics of the works with an original installation of unique black and white versions of the furniture.
The showroom installation features the Lebeau tables by Patrick Jouin, Tre Pezzi armchairs by Franco Albini, and the 699 Superleggera chair by Gio Ponti.

Photo by Karl Lagerfeld, 699 Superleggera chairs by Gio Pont for Cassina

“I had never ‘worked’ on this kind of project. To visually reinterpret examples of perfect design is completely new for me, and therefore stimulating, exciting even.
I am also a fan of the Cassina ‘productions’ and for years I own many of the photographed pieces, often more than one. My first ‘order’ was the famous chaise-longue by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand in the 60’ s…,” says Karl Lagerfeld.

Never before has Karl Lagerfeld collaborated with a furniture manufacturer on a photographic project. A true lover of design and one of the most influential aesthetes of our time, he has approached this theme through an artistic project entrusted to him in 2013 in which his favourite design references would pose in front of his lens.

The renowned publisher Gerhard Steidl was involved in this original artistic project right from the very outset, he followed the entire process and also printed the limited edition photos.

Photo by Karl Lagerfeld, Zig Zag chairs by Gerrit Thomas for Cassina

Steidl also managed the layout of the photographic exhibition, first in the Cassina Saint- Germain Showroom and then in a series of international cities.

Today, five years after the exhibition of Karl Lagerfeld’s works, with their strikingly plastic use of colour and differing formats, Gerhard Steidl now shares this remarkable interpretation of the Cassina Collection in the publication ‘Cassina as seen by Karl’.

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