Celine is Launching its First Perfume Collection

Celine is launching its first perfume collection under Hedi Slimane.

‘La Collection Celine Haute Parfumerie’ will comprise of 11 perfumes: eight for daytime, and three for the evening. Each of the nostalgia-stoking fragrances has been named as follows: Parade, Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Dans Paris, Cologne Francaise, La Peau Nue, Eau de Californie, Reptile, Black Tie, Night Clubbing, Rimbaud and Bois Dorman.

Laced with Gallic-minded notes, such as iris, rose, tree moss, or chypre accord, the collection was inspired by smoky Parisian nightclubs and French perfumery in the ’60s and ’70s.

Slimane also designed the bottle: a sleek rectangular vessel of amber-gold glass and a glossy onyx cap. It was inspired by the minimalism of late 17th-century classicism and flair of the Art Deco era.

The Collection Celine Haute Parfumerie marks Celine’s first foray into fragrance after 55 years who had released Vent Fou, a floral green bouquet of rose, jasmine, and galbanum back in 1964.

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