Chanel’s Coming to Dubai in a Few Days

In just a few days, May 13, Dubai will witness one of the world’s most anticipated fashion shows, Chanel Cruise Collection. Where?  The Island, located off of Jumeirah Beach Road.


Guests will be invited at 6pm to the invitation only event, viewing the show at sunset against the backdrop of the city’s futuristic skyline.

Traveling around the world since 2000, the fashion house adds Dubai to it’s list of international locations including Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Venice, Saint Tropez, Cap d’Antibes, Versailles, Edinburgh, Singapore and Dallas.

In a statement released by Chanel, describes the city of Dubai as, “A futuristic megalopolis of the 21st century, an ever-developing Emirate and a crossroads of civilisations between Europe and Asia.

This dynamic and multicultural city that inspires travel and evokes the spirit of Cruise is also the perfect setting for the show that will be held on May 13th 2014 in the presence of Karl Lagerfeld.”

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