Cheese Reimagined – A New Take on a Classic Approach

The Plateau Suisse project represents a desire to encourage a fresh perspective on Swiss
cheeses, the rituals surrounding how we eat them and how they are presented, while
representing and displaying some Swiss character.

Switzerland Cheese, the ambassador of Swiss cheeses, gave Alain Gilles carte blanche to showcase the cheeses in another light. The resulting cheese plate represents both the character and values of a country, a terroir, but also its expertise: particularly its cheese making expertise.

Through the project’s rather brutalist structure, Gilles has attempted to convey the raw, pure aspect of the country’s landscapes and architecture. The symbolic strength of rock. With values like purity, authenticity, the importance of naturalness and sustainability.

On the other hand, Gilles also strove to demonstrate Switzerland’s great expertise, its refinement and command of technology that is evident in its artisanal clock making, for example. The aim was to create the unexpected, to go beyond the initial request for a cheese platter by offering an object with a real three-dimensional presence.

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