Chiara Ferragni Flaunts Pomellato’s Nudo Eye Wear Collection

Pomellato’s main focus of the new Spring/Summer 2018 eye-wear collection is the evolution of the emblematic and recognizable Nudo bi-layered cat-eye style.

This model is featured in the 2018 PomellatoForWomen campaign, shot by Peter Lindberg and launched in Paris with Chiara Ferragni as new face and ambassador of the brand for both jewellery and eye-wear collections.

Focused on the core values of timeless appeal and contemporary sophistication, the collection is inspired by the masterpieces of jewellery that have always distinguished the brand’s iconic, colorful and unconventional aesthetic.

Artisanal expertise and playful elegance merge in the modern evolution of Pomellato’s iconic cat-eye styles, echoing the signature mix & match spirit and the glowing shades of Nudo’s gems. The powerful simplicity of the angled frame is enhanced with a sleek juxtaposition of layers, enriched with the iconic griffe appliques on the temples.

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