Cindy Chao: A Forest Collection to Admire

Cindy Chao has long respected the significance and symbolism of wild animals whose movement and grace are a natural compliment to her designs. Each piece in the Forest Collection is a three dimensional form that represents the beauty of nature in a timeless treasure that is at once beautiful and ethereal.

CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel_Forest Collection_18k YL Gold Spider Brooch_$72,000USD

The Diamond Spider Hoops from the Forest Collection are an intricate masterpiece, featuring over 15 carats of diamonds and set in 18K white gold, these meticulously crafted earrings seem to have a spirit of their own.

CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel_Forest Collection_18k White Gold_Spider Brooch_$72,000USD
CINDY CHAO’s Masterpieces merge the rarest gemstones with the most extravagant and innovative designs. These limited creations can be experienced in museums, auctions, or by appointment for private viewings.

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