Citerne Beirut: The Largest Cultural Project to Date

The largest cultural project is set to open in Beirut. Citerne Beirut is a creative space and a new cultural center for performing arts in the capital. It aims at producing local and international contemporary performances and holding training courses and workshops for youth and children, including dance, music, theater and other artistic expressions.

Set to open on April 4th, simultaneously with the launching of the 15th edition of BIPOD (Beirut International Platform of Dance) from April 4 to 13.

“Citerne Beirut” aspires to be a unique cultural space that proposes a modern and contemporary artistic conversation and to create a space that reflects the ideas of this city and its people, and show its cultural richness.

Commenting ahead of the upcoming event, Maqamat Founder, Choreographer and Artistic Director Omar Rajeh said, “From touring internationally to creating BIPOD, the first international dance festival in Lebanon, and now to a unique cultural venue in the heart of Beirut, Maqamat is always pushing boundaries and we will never rest. At least as long as it is needed.” And he added, “Beirut has a new home for culture that is needed to rethink the performing arts scene in Lebanon.”

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