My Claudio: Where Streetwear and Luxury Craftsmanship Meet

Marked by its iconic thread of lace, My Claudio is a canvas for streetwear and sneaker enthusiasts alike. Built from Ermenegildo Zegna’s DNA, styled by you: My Claudio is an evolution of the brand, with hand-threaded lace, and fully personalized features, in honor of the craftsmanship that defines Zegna.

Selecting from a range of 12 color laces, 10 color smooth calf leathers, 3 color midsoles can all be personalized. Craft each piece of the sneaker from your own design: this is where sophistication meets relevance.

The campaign, which recently launched, is inspired by the graphics and typefaces of ancient Rome. Zegna continues its XXX iconography, matching the sole with its icon. The shoe is extremely light, with the illusion of a heavy silhouette, and My Claudio’s hand-threaded laces reflecting the artisanal value that defines Zegna Leather Accessories. Available to purchase following their appearance in the Summer 2020 Fashion Show, the sneaker can be fully personalized via selected stores.

Claudio is inspired by the worlds of streetwear and luxury craftsmanship together. Its light touch and versatile design mean you can wear with a suit, a t-shirt, jeans, or trousers. Dress up or down for all occasions and events.

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