Cleopatra: A Woman of Character Comes to Life in Jewelry Collection

Caroline Gaspard created the Python collection derived from the story of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. A woman of character with enchanting powers of seduction, it is said she used to wear live pythons around her wrists.

 In contrast with ancient Egyptian jewellery, the AKILLIS line represents the reptile by its purest essence: its unmistakable skin pattern. With imagination flying high, the French jewellery brand offers its own version of the reptile, somewhere between precious wildlife and a futuristic carapace.

The design associates geometrical and round shaped scale elements, bringing to mind the movement of the snake, thus revealing all the mystery emerging from one of the most feared yet admired animals. As always, AKILLIS is faithful to its taste for contrast and duality. Though the collection is indeed an ode to femininity, the design is an obvious reminder of ancient warriors’ armor, an inspiration forever dear to the brand.The gold and diamond scales curl around the fingers and wrists, drawing a beautiful portrait along the ears and undulating around the neck of the special person wearing a python jewel.

The collection conveys the warmth of the yellow gold and pink gold, and the coolness of the white gold and diamonds. As always, AKILLIS enhances the best of French traditional craftsmanship to give life to the most creative designs. Caroline Gaspard wanted the snake skin aspect to be rendered true and authentic, putting into relief the skin pattern by way of a gold embossed design. The motif finds its maximum symbolic expression and becomes absolutely rock’n’roll.

The collection reveals the brand’s talent to transform and reinvent the codes of jewellery, this time delivering a new interpretation of a classic.


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