Here Comes the Sun God: Zad Moultaka’s ŠamaŠ at Sursock Museum

Pluridisciplinary Lebanese artist, composer and visual artist, Zad Moultaka has represented Lebanon at the 57th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia 2017 with his monumental installation ŠamaŠ.

ŠamaŠ: An Installation by Ziad Moultaka

This month it will be presented for the first time in Beirut before touring different countries.

Haunted by the idea of joining the shores of East and West in a single voice, Zad Moultaka erects a monument to ŠamaŠ, the Babylonians’ god of the sun and justice is depicted on the Code of Hammurabi, a tall stele considered the first law table.

Zad Moultaka

With his monumental work, Zad Moultaka combines musical invention with visual research in a radical approach in which technology is born from the archaic. With ŠamaŠ, Zad Moultaka confronts barbarism with his own arms in a vibrant appeal, a synergy of forms, materials and sounds.

Nadine Saddi Zaccour

The piece will be displayed at Sursock Museum under the direction of Nadine Saddi Zaccour.

ŠamaŠ will be on display until from June 1 to June 25.

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