Condoms Designed and Branded for Women

How many times have you walked into a pharmacy wanting to buy a condom, but changing your mind at the end… Is it socially acceptable for women to carry a condom in her bag? It seems this is not only an issue in Lebanon but also around the world.


With this in mind, designers Rona Binay, Willy Chan, Mansi Gupta, and Emi Yasaka as part of the Design for Social Value course and in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control, have worked on addressing behaviors and how design can be used as a tool aimed to create a positive shift in women’s sexual health.


Through a primary survey of 207 respondents, insights showed that women are largely embarrassed to purchase condoms, and that some women judge other women who carry condoms to be promiscuous. The group chose to target condom packaging, which is either typically generic or overtly targeted toward men. How might they make a less embarrassing condom purchasing experience for women?


Mine products are packaged in a way that women feel comfortable to have them out on their bedside table, or in their grocery bags. The packaging is refillable, and reminds women to stock up on supply when out.

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