Cristian Marianciuc Origami Paper Cranes Cherish Daily Memories

Cristian Marianciuc’s paper creations elevate origami to another level in his Icarus.mid.air collection. Conceived as a 1,00-day long creative challenge, Icarus.mid.air is a literal and figurative layered challenge. The series of incredible works layers paper and other materials to create cranes full of symbolism and metaphor.

Marianciuc started the Icarus.mid.air project a few years ago as a 100-day long creative challenge. One of the most important features of the project was its layers: physical layers of paper and other materials, but also the layers of symbolism, metaphors and messages the artists added to each and every crane.

For several years leading up to the project, Marianciuc had been struggling with depression and with the fear that the days were passing him by and that he was not able to create new memories.

“In 2012 I had returned to Europe after been awarded a scholarship and studying in Australia for 3 years and I found it incredibly difficult to readjust to life in Eastern Europe,” said the artist.

Marianciuc wanted the project to be very personal, but also a public, visual diary – each crane would hold in itself the essence of the day in which it was created: from significant events to memories, emotions, struggles, random moments, unusual sources of inspiration and more.

The initial 100-day goal became 365, and eventually, and as a nod to the Japanese tradition of ‘senbazuru’, Marianciuc decided to attempt folding and decorating 1,000 cranes over 1,000 consecutive days. This wonderful feat was accomplished on the 27th of September 2017. Over almost three years Marianciuc worked full time for a humanitarian organization, and was forced to develop a very necessary artistic discipline. After more than a year from the end of his 1,000-day journey, Marianciuc still folds and decorates origami cranes. However, these days he allows himself more than 24 hours per piece and he explores and discovers more themes and ideas.



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