Up-Cycling: Vida Downtown Art Installation

Vida Downtown unveiled a unique art installation, Up-Cycling in collaboration with Concept ME in October. The installation finds inspiration in the contemporary hotel’s continuous work to promote sustainable development within the hospitality community.

The installation was conceptualized in a design product that highlighted the effort of Vida Downtown as an eco-friendly property focused on reducing chemical use, energy and waste consumption, and implementing a recycling program. Designed by Nina Parvaresh of Concept Me, Up-Cycling reimagines the very essence of a hotel room combining to the idea of re-using and re-defining the regular setting, using objects that are used during and after a hotel stay.

Using water bottles and luggage tags, Concept-Me got inspired by the two iconic items associated with the hotel industry. Explaining their use, Nina says, “the Vida Downtown branded water bottles form the repetitive elements of a hotel room ‘décor,’ as they are always present in the room, on the bed-side, on a desk, in the bathroom, etc. The luggage tags, which give an identity to one’s personal belonging, sometimes remain on them for a longer time, almost like a poetic sign of one’s passage.”

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