Design Shanghai: Where the East and West Collaborate

Having fast established itself as one of the most important design events in the world, Design Shanghai will be returning to Shanghai Exhibition Centre from 14-17 March 2018, celebrating its 5th anniversary with exciting new content. Showcasing the best design brands and galleries from across the globe, Design Shanghai provides a unique and exciting platform to network, exchange and establish long-term business between the East and West. Here are some of our favorite brands and collections to look out for.

Neverending Glory from Lasvit

 Neverending Glory –  LASVIT

The Neverending Glory collection from Lasvit reflects nostalgic emotions and interprets opulent candle chandeliers in new way to symbolize prime moments of appreciation and glory. In individual silhouettes it is possible to recognize iconic chandeliers from five of the world’s most eminent concert halls and theaters; La Scala in Milan, Palais Garnier in Paris, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, but also the Czech Republic’s Estates Theater in Prague.

Zodiac from Nichetto Studio

Zodiac- Nichetto Studio 

Born out of Nichetto Studio’s research into contemporary living, Zodiac is a multifunctional object that spreads the playful atmosphere of a living room throughout other areas of the home. A modular display system, Zodiac is centered around a hexagonal metal framework onto which polyurethane accessories can be attached. Built up in this way, Zodiac generates elegant geometrical networks, with multiple Zodiacs combining to form complex constellations. Like the astrological symbols for which it is named, Zodiac offers a sophisticated play between line and pure form, all while blending functions to suit any space.

Braid Vases – Zaha Hadid

Braid vases – Zaha Hadid

Drawing inspiration from Zaha Hadid’s tower studies, the Braid vase can be thought of as architecture in miniature – the glazed ceramic pieces have been made by hand, and rise up from a deli- cately woven base, playfully inverting the idea of a falling braid.

Swan Collection from 8 HOUR DESIGN 

Swan chairs- 8 Hour Design

SWAN is a simple series of desk and chairs from Shanghai design house 8 HOUR DESIGN. It has elegant lines and shapes like the swan. Same definition as we want 8Hour and lifestyle to be: simple, efficient, clear and elegant. 8 HOUR DESIGN is a young design company focusing on furniture and product design, at the same time they also provide the designing and planning services of office, commercial and public spaces. They believe work is part of the life, and their goal is to make the work-spaces easy and fun through their design and products. Brand founder and designer Sherry Xu graduated from Shanghai Arts University.

Metropolitan Chair from Carl Hansen & Son

Metropolitan chair – Carl Hansen and Sons

Nature’s strong, noble materials – wood and leather – come together in perfect harmony in a relaunched version of the classic Metropolitan Chair, created by renowned designers
Ejner Larsen and Aksel Bender Madsen. Originally designed in 1949 and added to the
Carl Hansen & Son collection in 2014 in a fully upholstered saddle leather version, the chair will now be available in another original edition featuring a veneer back and a leather-upholstered seat.

Le Roi Soleil by Marcel Wanders for Baccarat 

Le Roi Soleil – Baccarat

This spherical, contemporary chandelier connects to modern architecture, yet remains recognizable as a true Baccarat icon. Designed in 2016 as a tribute to the illustrious monarch Louis XIV, this exceptional light creation exists as a dazzling symbol of modernity. Staying true to the original design language of Baccarat’s iconic ‘Zénith’ chandelier, this magnificent reinterpretation is an ode to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the manufactory artisans. With stretched and distorted branches, tassels and octagons, this dazzling reinterpretation of a Baccarat icon has inspired NY design critic, Dan Rubinstein, to emphatically state that “Tradition gets seriously warped at Baccarat.” Featuring softened angles and crystal shades with cut motifs that have been inclined to form to the curves of the chandelier, ‘Le Roi Soleil’ delivers an imposing promise of a new era of light.

Tea Sets from Studio Wieki Somers

Tea sets – Studio Wieki Somers

Studio Wieki Somers has collaborated with the Koransha pottery to create two tea sets that combine traditional crafts with advanced technology. The tea sets showcase the iconic ‘Koransha blue’ glaze and feature patterns inspired by an ancient decorative technique that employs metal stencils to create sprayed motifs on the surface. The studio adapted this technique and abstracted it – revealing the process in the pattern and thereby celebrating the craft. The traditionally used metal stencils are replaced by functional parts of the products, for example the lid of the teapot and the handle of the cup. The forms that appeared during the process refer to one of Japan’s most iconic symbols: the moon.

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