Designer Franck Danican Brings Africa and Far East Together

After watching the fashion shoot, live come to life in New York, FashionRepublik brings you the latest looks from Guadeloupe fashion designer, Franck Danican. Captured through the lens of photographer, Patrice Berchery, Dunican’s latest work is inspired by Japanese and African elements and this exotic pairing has resulted in some unique creations.


Dunican’s upcoming haute couture collection is inspired by the delicate classic lines of Japanese design and motifs such as feathers, cords and clown masks. The resulting collection is beautiful, intriguing and sure to turn heads, bringing together African and Far Eastern design.

The collection is inspired by Dunican’s life, a life spent in dedication to fashion, travel and the evolution of fashion over time. Japan and Africa, perhaps representing two extremes in this rarefied world, come together to create something entirely different.

Dunican’s love of music, particularly that of Eric Virgal and Lady Gaga formed a symphonic background to his creative energies and perhaps helped to inspire the current collection. Unique, inspirational, Dunican’s collection is a thing of beauty.


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